Europe 2013

Yashica ML 50mm//Kodak Portra 160 Film

Kim + Sean

Two Thousand Thirteen

i reflect on the year that has just passed by, and look forward to new beginnings with the new year. this year has brought many challenges and moments of sweetness. i lost some things dear to my heart and gained new blessings. i photographed amazing people in their moments of joy. i have a wonderful group of first graders that i get to educate and inspire. i traveled to new and old places. i blushed while in france and hiked the high cliffs in italy. i roamed the desert in california and laughed like a child at disneyland. i drove along the pacific ocean as dolphins chased close by. i visited islands and let my eyes enjoy magnificent sights. i was ridiculously happy. i had my heart broken. i took on fears and showed moments of bravery. i was inspired with other forms of art and feel good about the art i contributed. i consoled others and marveled at their blessings. i let go of things that needed to be let go of. there were achievements and disappointments. i jumped for joy and cried on my knees. i am wiser and i am stronger.

bonne année! xo